Hi, I’m Diederik.  I am working as a developer for a small software company in Stellenbosch Techno Park.  We do tablet stuff, and I am mostly involved with the Android side of things. We are followers of the churches of Joel and Atwood. We believe in maximising developer productivity, and creating shit-hot experiences for our users.

My ideal day would include finding an elegant solution to a problem that increases the users enjoyment of the product.  It can be streamlining an awkward interaction with the UI, or optimising a query to make things happen faster on screen.  Either way, satisfaction guaranteed.

(If all this can be done while flying in a fighter jet, with Rage Against The Machine blasting at full volume, dive bombing food parcels to needy flood victims, it would be great too.)

Other than that, I am a guy that likes to spend time outdoors with his family


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